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The Warhol Experience Video art Show
Occurred Sunday, June 19 at 10:00pm @ (le) poisson rouge  Bleeker St, NY NY

Mike Madrigal and Twig Von Wonderkid & The Magic Motion Music Company & IN*TANDEM Magazine presented A night of Art,Film,Fashion and Rock!
"The Warhol Experience" Video art showing w /Dangerous Muse & Eva and Her Virgins backed by Warhol's cinematic portraits and non-narrative silent, black-and-white films from the mid-1960s on stage backdrops during the all night performance. 

As described ~ Warhol's films and screen tests reveal his lifelong fascination with the cult of celebrity, comprising a visual almanac of the 1960s downtown avant-garde scene. This exhibition of Warhol clips will be projected on the walls at large scale throughout The Venue.  An cast of several Rock nRoll acts has been assembled to perform throughout the night.~

We attended this fantastic Avant-Garde evening with the who’s who in the scene and brought back the images, some video and narrative from the celebrity performers.  Reminiscent of my days at Ground Zero, Minneapolis, the <undisclosed> after hours clubs of Chicago and Power Exchange, San Fran I felt into my Dark Glam element of latex, leather and stiletto fury. Some familiar faces and as usual the always new ones.  Have fun checking out a bit of it here.

FaceBook Event Invite for details, bands and schedule CLICK HERE

Hosted By The lovely Darian Darling  http://www.dariandarling.com/
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Kayvon Zand @  The Warhol Experience Video art Show
American Industrial-Pop /Rock Performer, Exquisite costumes, on the edge performances
(le) poisson rouge  - 158 Bleeker St - New York, NY

Kayvon Zand composes music with piano and violin, influenced by his experiences in London underground scene. He is a fixture of NYC Nightlife performing his original music at bars and small music venues around the City. He has a vast underground cult-like following and avid fans. His mesmerizing and on the edge style, music and rebellious attitude draw you in. He rocks with his view of 80s influence and infusion of that culture into his own art!

Kavon hosts numerous parties alongside promoter extraordinaire Susanne Bartsch, including On Top Every Tuesday Night at the Standard Hotel where he sometimes performs. He has appeared on TV shows and movies including RuPaul’s Starrbooty, and is appearing in Andres Serrano’s upcoming photography book.

Kayvon recently released his song entitled “So Gone,” followed by his first official music video. He also covers a fitting  "White Wedding"  Billy Idol


More Kayvon Zand: CLICK HERE
Mike Furey @  The Warhol Experience Video art Show
Lead for Dangerous Muse Industrial- Punk Rock Performer, Songwriter and Musician
Exceptionally hot and hard bending performances!

Much as I hate using Widpika or whateva the fuck its called, NayCee didn't get me the write-up in time and I wanna get this up so here goes with my own observations.  Totally fucking hot rock methodical beat that I wish I woulda recorded more of.  But this you have to experience in person so I will be back for anotha fix of Mike Fury and Dangerous Muse!!   As for the internet info I shall summarize: Dangerous Muse was formed when Mike Furey and Tom Napack met and  Furey, a singer-songwriter trained in piano, was experimenting with more electronic sound and Napack, a musician-programmer, was looking to collaborate with a lyricist. Their first recording, "The Rejection", caught the attention of record mogul Seymour Stein who offered the duo a demo deal with Sire Records and the rest is history, in the making.....

"The Rejection", their debut three-song digital EP, entered at #2 on the iTunes Dance album chart and held its position for weeks.  "Give Me Danger", their second single and digital EP debuted top ten on iTunes' Electronic album chart.[citation needed]

So go find Dangerous Muse debut album, Take Control, on the Scarce Goods label assuming release is here if not imminent! Producers on the album include Bloodshy & Avant (Britney, Madonna , Mike Snow). I know I will.  There I said it, I fucking love this band!!


More Dangerous Muse: CLICK HERE
Kayvon Zand overseer of the Avant-garde
The impeccable NayCee with Kayvon Zand
Ms Darian Darling w friend
Exquisite Ms Darling
Mike Furey with Ms NayCee
Mike Furey & Dangerous Muse
Colleen & NayCee
                                     of Starliner Events!
NC Shuva
Shoot the Freaks
NayCee with Nick Rock Metal
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Warhol Video Art Show                      Warhol Book Release Party             83rd Warhol Birthday Bash 

Kayvon Zand                                          Kayvon Zand at Book Party               Ruby Lynn Reyner @ B Day Bash

Mike Furey, Dangerous Muse           Darian Darling at Book Party          

NC Shuva - PUi                                      Adam Yeremian at Book Party
NC Shuva @  The Warhol Experience Video art Show
Lead for Pui - Heavy Industrial Rock Band NC is a Performer, Songwriter and Musician
Hot guy and increadible sound. He is Turkish and his music has a tribal rythmic driven sound that draws one into a spiritual place at once violent as iot is calm.  We interviewed him, beit a much too short time but you can see and feel his essence when watching the clip, regardless.  we hope to catch up with NC Shuva again soon, experience his music and talk with him some more!

More on NC Shuva and PUi : CLICK HERE
Andy Warhol's New York City Official Book Release Party
Was: July 13 at Yotel NYC - 570 10th Avenue,  New York, NY

We celebrated the launch of Thomas Kiedrowski's newest book, Andy Warhol's New York City: Four Walks, Uptown to Downtown, with glamorous hosts Darian Darling, Kayvon Zand, and the Zand Collective.  Special Performance by Breedlove!  Guest DJ Tyler Stone.

Presented by Hungry Monsters Join us for this fantastic Avante Garde evening. 

See Images, Video Interviews and More Up Here!!
Darian Darling  @ The Official Book Release Party
                                                                                                                     Andy Warhol's New York Cit
In Her own words “DARIAN DARLING is a lifestyle blogger and columnist, international beauty/style guru, professional party girl, homemaker and personality living in New York City” We find her at the parties we attend, the parties she  hosts and on her Superlative web site “Darian Darling – A Guide to Modern Blondes’  She makes the room her own, stands above and has a style to be followed, yet is so immediately sweet and direct with her smile.  We were able to visit with her a little the other evening.  Please view the video interview and see for yourself, New York City's Blonde Bombshell with a heart of gold and personality to match!

Darian's Website: CLICK HERE
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Ruby Lynn Reyner   @   Andy Warhol's 83rd B-Day Bash
Ruby Lynn, the quintisential Nightclub singer and actress who has graced stages in Manhattan for over 40 years performed and sang at the birthday Bash fpr the late Andy Warhol on a warm July Night in Midtown Manhattan.  Ruby has been around the block and performed with such notables as Jackie Curtis and for John Vacarro's Playhouse of the rediculous, even acting for Andy in one of his films.  We attended the festivities and got some pix at the party then had the distinct pleasure of visiting with Ruby herself right out front of the club after her performance.

Ruby still performs regularilly and books gigs with her Band Ruby & the Rednecks

Ruby's Website: CLICK HERE
Singer Ruby Lynn Reyner Interviewed by Starliner Events.
Singer Ruby Lynn Reyner Performs at Warhols Birthday Bash