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The Girl In The Box
Colleen, Cassidy Joy *

The little girl came
And she cried out “Help me please!”
But no one paid attention to her cries
So she just went away
And no one was very happy

The little girl lived in a box
A box not like any other
Everything she needed was right there
In the box
Except one thing

The little girl had warmth and love
She had food and shelter from the storms
And there was even a window to the world
She yearned to be a part of
Outside of the box

The box had a one way view facing out
With an image facing in for others to see
Of what was believed by those outside
And everything looked so clear
Except to the girl in the box

The girl saw a two sided view
Two things so clear yet not evident
To those who looked in but not within
For within was the truth that disproved everything
The little girl came outside and cried

“If you don’t like the way I am, 
then don’t come around me. 
If you don’t like the way that I talk, 
then don’t listen. 
If you don’t like the way I dress, 
then don’t look. 
But don’t waste my time telling me about it. 
I don’t care.”

“My time has come, and so I’m gone. 
To a better place, far beyond. 
I love you all as you can see. 
But it’s better now, 
because I’m free.”

Wasn’t it so clearly obvious to everyone else now?
What she’d tried to convey for so very long?
So she changed the image 
on the outside of the box
And then she ran away happy 
as everyone else cried
For the girl that was no longer in the box

* Words in quotes are Cassidy Joy's, an angel who watches over us. Used here out of deep respect for someone gone too soon but never forgotten!
Brenda left us too soon, she no longer could take the pain of non acceptance for who she was or the ugliness that she saw from those who hate. Unfortunately she chose to leave before she had a chance to see what beauty life had in store for her & for others close to her. May she rest in peace. Death is final, please choose to stay and see that things do get better. I know because I have been there and I can say they truely do get better.  If you have a problem or are on the edge please reach out to a loved one or call:

Lifeline 1-800-273-TALK (8255) Also CLICK HERE for more information on Suicide Prevention