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Guggenheim LAB BMW Exhibit and screening of 'Captured'

Clayton Patterson has captured life on the Lower East Side of Manhattan for over 30 years.  His often times controversial subject and socially relevant work has effected many relative and positive changes in history. Clayton has become known as one of New York’s, if not the country’s, leading edge photojournalists and a force in the No Art movement. Captured is a film on his life and chronicles his work covering the homeless living in Tompkins Park during the 1980s. Subsequent police action and riot trying to take control of these people was captured by Clayton’s video coverage. The videos gained national attention when the police arrested Clayton in an effort to take the tapes from him; he went on a hunger strike and appeared on Oprah to show the power of his work with the video camera: “Little brother is watching big brother”. The NYPD was investigated which resulted a turnover in the department, new policies and boards to investigate and stamp out police brutality and corruption within the agency. Guggenheim Lab BMW is a project undertaken by the museum to occur over a six year time period in various places throughout the world.  In each place the exhibit presents art and relevant social occurrences to the region where the lab is presenting.  The first stop was the lower east side of Manhattan New York and Clayton Patterson was a principle mentor and guide for the lab concerning the art and social issues affecting lower Manhattan.

Clayton Gallery & Outlaw Art  Museum, 161 Essex Street, NYC

The artist and renowned photographer Clayton Patterson, Mayor of the Lower East Side

Clayton Gallery and Outlaw Art Museum, 161 Essex Street, NYC, is home to the No Art Movement. If you're in the Lower East Side go in & see some remarkable and relevant photography and art. Over the decades Clayton Patterson has photographed and video documented the most revealing and controversial events that have shaped Manhattan's Lower East side. He has collaborated with some of the most relevant artists that have shaped this part on Manhattan.
We were there for the May Opening and have attended other events that Clayton is a part of, including showings of the Film, 'Captured' that documents Clayton's life and work. In Captured, Clayton video documents the Lower East Side police riots on the homeless in Tompkins Park in the 1980s, is pursued and arrested in an attempt to have him surrender his tapes. Clayton goes on a hunger strike and draws national attention, including an appearance on Oprah. His efforts resulted in an investigation and turnover of the NYPD & sweeping procedural changes and reforms within the cities police department. We have photo's and video interviews with the artist and some of his events posted on this Profile page we have set up for Clayton.

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Clayton Patterson & Elsa Rensaa
Nay'Cee from Starliner Evenrts and Friends
Steven Hirsch Photographs the attendees
Steven Hirsch Photographer, The New York Post
John Marshall Mantel Photographer, New York Times. 
See our interview with John IN Poetry Art Link ABOVE!
Steven Hirsch of the NY Post takes my picture while I am taking his OMG!
Movie Director Jamie Rasin and Clayton Patterson
See our interview w/
John  Marshall Mantel in Poetry/Art Link above.
Clayton Patterson Gallery Open PART 1, we visit the Gallery on opening night !
NOTE: Clayton Patterson Gallery Open PART 2, is currently being updated
Participants and Rebecca, Guggenheim Lab,  watching Captured on overhead
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OPENING at th Clayton Gallery was Part of - Festival of Ideas for the New City - Some images of the evening
DASH Gallery show and screening of 'Captured'

Clayton Patterson works with many local artists and this summer event included rap music, independent film showings and was capped with a showing of 'Captured' at the Damon Dash Art Gallery in Tribeca. Damon Dash, the former hip-hop rap artist & entrepreneur has created a space with this gallery that is an extension of this formidable artist and is as hip as Damon is himself.  A definite repeat to experience gallery!

The Dash Gallery
172 Duane St (between Hudson and Greenwich Sts.)
Manhattan, NY 10013
Phone: 631-377-1998

See Dash Gallery web site: CLICK HERE
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Clayton Patterson & Colleen of Starliner Events
Elsa Rensaa & Clayton Patterson
Clayton Patterson Discusses his Craft
Clayton Patterson at The Guggenheim Lab BMW art expo presenting and discussing his art and craft