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Rappers perform Water Back at Branded Saloon
Charlie Gonzalaz & Ekayani Chamberlin at the LES Howl Festival in Tompkins Park NYC
WATER BACK PROJECT  Screening for GasLand
The award winning documentary Gasland screened at Branded Saloon, Brooklyn NY
May  15, 2011

A film on HydroFracking the earth to extract fuel and the consequences to the earth and People was screened at Branded Saloon, 603 Vanderbilt Ave, Brooklyn, NY 5/15/11.   The event is over but you can still see this award winning documentary on HBO On Demand!

The Waterback Project believes that hydrofracking in or around our watershed is a blatant threat to our water source and subsequent well-being here in NYC; several years ago this would not have happened; but then the federal government decided, with those in office at that time, to roll back a whole lot of environmental regulations and loosen up standards. Now these companies are running amuck, compromising the environment beneath the earth’s surface that separates layers and holds the water that we all eventually consume to sustain life. It is already widespread and happening in 34 states. Water is coming up black people, coming up flammable, coming up toxic and creating unusable, toxic water. This is our water, and why, as the song goes "I want my water back!"

The movement is so incredibly important for NYC and the nation as a whole it cannot be overstated. View the interviews below with Ekayani and Raymond and see Meagan Perry sing and perform her version of  -Water Back-  the song!Water Back is a song. It’s also a grass-roots project aimed at getting artists involved in spreading the word about the dire need for us all to protect our water. The screening was a way to bring together these artists and have them perform. There was some great music and a message!

The movie exposes the dangers and consiquences of hydrofracking already occuring in 34 states. Organizers Raymond Norwood and Ekayani Chamberlin provided interviews to further describe these ventures and bring awareness to the public.(See Videos this page). View the interviews with Ekayani and Raymond and see Meagan Perry sing and perform her version of  -Water Back-  the song!

Want to do Your version of WaterBack? >> WATERBACKPROJECT


WE LOVE WATER at Facebook and get involved, its only your water and your health.

Croton Lake, Upstate New York, part of the NYC Water System
Water Back Project Compilation CD
GREEN BUS TOUR  & Associated Water Back Project
Effort to protect the New York City Water Supply and prevent upstate hydrofrack oil drilling

The practice of hydrofracking to extract natural gas from underground strata has been charged with poisoning water supplies in large areas of the Western United States. The proposal to hydrofrack drill  the Marcellus Shale in upstate New York causes many great angst, including the NYC Dept. of Environmental Protection (DEP) and the Staes Attorney General.  The States AG has recently sued to halt to move forward to commence drilling.

The DEP secures, maintains and operates all water for NYC and many upsate communities.  See what the DEP has to say about our watersheds and hydrofracking:
NYC Water System  

Green Bus Tour and WaterBack Project are organizations fighting vigorously to prevent hydrofracing in NYS.  Check out their web site:

WE LOVE WATER at Facebook  and get involved, its only your water and your health.

This page will present GBT and WBP videos and images we capture as we follow them on their heroic efforts to save our water, and potentially our city.See videos below for more information

GREEN BUS TOUR  Visits the Lower East Side Annual HOWL Festival
Saturday, June 4 -12:00pm to 5pm       ·
Location: Tompkins Square Park, East Village, New York, New York
As part of the late Allen Ginsberg's 85th birthday celebration, HOWL! 2011 presented poetry/spoken word events and  Ekayani and the Tom Glide Space were a part of this Festival of Lower East Side Arts and performed Mainstage  with other great acts thoughout the day! 

The Green Bus was parked on the main cosway at the Main entrance to the festival.  A healing center was set up and an information table was provided with Meagan Perry giving information to visitors all day.  Music and art occured.  The side of the bus had stretched a large canvas and throughout the day children and adults created their own special art of drawings and color with the media provided. 
Charlie Gonzalaz, founder of Green Bus Toru provided an interview that can be seen below.

Howl Festival Coverage: CLICK HERE
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Ekayani and Healthy Living   Visits on USANA and long healthy life
Bernando LaPallo Author of Age Less Live More
Location: Coral Hall, Brooklyn, New York

Our friend Ekayani and her 110 year old grandfather give information on living a long healthy life. Her nutritional supplements and skin care line help ensure healthy living. Bernando LaPallo, her grandfather has lived 110 healthy years and is still sharp as a tack and  planning for the next 5 years and beyond. He spoke at Coral Hall in Brooklyn on long life and wellness and copies of his book: Age Less Live More, were on sale there. We insert a few snippets of his talk here and plan to present the entire talk later. Ekayani carries on what her grandfather taught her with her USANA products and shares this important information with us!

For information go to: The Living  Connection: CLICK HERE


Bernando's web site / Buy his Book: CLICK HERE
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Grenn Bus and Waterback Projects
Ekayani & USANA Nutritionals
Bernando LaPallo -  Age Less Live More
Ekayani speaks on Nutrition and health USANA
Soon to come video: Bernando LaPallo 110 years of age speaks on long life and health
Ekayani tells us about USANA Nutritionals and her outlook on long life and health inspired by her grandfather