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Alistair Sim Trio is a Brooklyn based 3 piece musician combo including  Alistair - Guitar, Nick Tardif - Base and Joshua Fleischmann - Drums. Occasionally a keyboardist or other musicians sit in with this trio of exquisite versatile musicians.  The trio plays what I would call a Jazz based mix of traditional jazz, rock mixed jazz, up beat and experimental music with a wide range of influences. Depending on the gig, you may hear one of these styles or a variation depending on the mood.  The individual talents of each musician are brought out during performance through solo interludes, executed to blend together perfectly and play off one another.

A combination of planned and improved movements’ reminiscent of the old time Harlem club jazz musicians that I've only seen in film clips leaves the audience clapping and moving to this sweetly mastered music. All this is brought forward into a 21st century, contemporary sound that has the crowd glad they came and  wanting to stay at the club all night!  The trio plays many venues in Manhattan, Brooklyn and other NYC and East coast locations. When we caught their last Brooklyn show I was reminded of an old Chicago Jazz man I knew who would use the slang: "Down Kats" when he heard something exceptional.  When I brought this up to the band they smirked with their modern edge and said it sounded a little '50s '60s... but Nick was quick to add, he'd go for being a Down Kat  *chuckle

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Alistair Sim Trio  at The Fifth Estate in Brooklyn
I caught  the Trio's Show at Fifth Estateand have video interview s, performance clips and images below. Go see this exquisite Jazz Trio for some of the best in NYC Jazz, JazzRock and more. 

Also visit Mr. Ledderman's bar - The Fifth Estate for a ton of great Live Music, DJs  & Film Screenings!.

VENUE CONTACT   The Fifth Estate 506 5th Avenue - Brooklyn NY (btwn 12th & 13th)

DRUMMER INFO   JOSH FLEISCHMANN  Drummer / Percussionist

BASSIST INFO   Nick Tardif  Bassist

GUITARIST INFO   Alistair Sim  Guitarist / Lead

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Randi Russo & Josh Fleischmann perform - Bar  Matchless

Randi is a NYC musician / songwriter who plays many venues in Manhattan, Brooklyn  and other NYC and East coast locations. She has her own unique style of rock n roll, Led Zeppelin influenced sound, Lou Reed stylized meaningful lyrics and mesmerizing beat. She is an accomplished 'Lefty/upside down' Hendrix style guitarist who can play with her guitar strung either way. I caught her Brooklyn Show at Matchless Bar and have images below. Click Contact info above for more!  Go to her web site for Music, Details and More!!  ARTIST CONTACT  

JOSH FLEISCHMANN  Drummer / Percussionist  DRUMMER INFO  

Bar Matchless, 557 Manhattan Ave. Brooklyn NY  CLICK HERE 

Sidewalk Cafe xxx Aveneu A @ 6th Street  NY NY  CLICK HERE
Randi Russo & Band perform at Rock Shop in Brooklyn
Alistair Sim Trio  -  Jazz / Rock

Randi Russo  -  Rock

demi mondaine - Rock - Punk

Swon Rift - Hard Rock / Metal
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Alistair Sim Trio perform at Fifth Estate in Brooklyn
Alistair Sim Trio perform Jazz at Two Boots in Brooklyn
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demi mondaine -   INDIE ROCK and PUNK
Paris France

Demi mondaine  - Paris France Rock musicians on their NYC Tour played clubs throughout the city May 18 throught 26th. We caught them at the Ding Dong Lounge in Manhattan.  Rock and punk style hard driving with lead vocals by Beatrice filled house with sound. The musicians from Paris France and with dj Pat Lafeline See the video clips for more contact info. 3 vids off the set

Demi mondaine: CLICK HERE

Ding Dong Lounge: CLICK HERE
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demi mondaine sings Dead Flowers - 2012 NYC Tour
demi mondaine sings the Ramones classic -
She Talks To Rainbows - 2012 NYC Tour
demi mondaine sings Belleville in Franch
2012 NYC Tour
Val Kinzler & VALidation -   INDIE ROCK and Folk Rock
Singer / Songwriter - LES Manhattan
Val Kinzler has been around the NYC music scene for almost 20 years.  Blending her mix of Rock, Punk and soul she delivers the right combination of vibe that echo's the spirit of CBGB's with the cutting edge of 21st century sound.  Her unique voice and style cuts like a knife to your soul on street balads such as Broken Ballerena then conversly sooths you with a love ballad. You can find her performing rock with Her band VALidation one evening then doing an acoustic set of folk songs the next and the following week backing up Jimmy Guns punk band Snake Monsters. Her wide dynamic range allows her to cover basically any music as well as her own extensive catalog of original indie songs. She plays a number of NYC and Brooklyn clubs and throughout the Eastern Seaboard

Val Kinzler: CLICK HERE                       James Adams -  CLICK HERE
                                                                                          and follow the link to Snake Monsters
Mikes Saloon: CLICK HERE


Roots Cafe: CLICK HERE


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What's Up? VALidation - Gizzi's
Avenue Of Valentines - Val Kinzler - Mike's Saloon
Cold Rainy Day - Val Kinzler & James Adams - R-Bar
Alleyways Of Love - Val Kinzler @ Mikes Saloon
A Place Like This - VALidation @ Gizzi's - West Village
Genius - Val Kinzler @ Mikes Saloon
Broken Ballerina - Val Kinzler w/ James Adams @ R-Bar
Piece Of My Heart - Val Kinzler w/ James Adams @ R-Bar
Resume' - Val Kinzler  @  Mike's Saloon
Stupid Cupid - Val Kinzler  @  Mike's Saloon
True Love Lies - Val Kinzler  @  Roots Cafe
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Swon Rift -   INDIE ROCK and Hard Rock / Metal - NYC all over!

Swon Rift, (formerly Two Cent Philosophers), headed by the wailing licks of his drum sticks, Elliot Swift produces of some of the most incredible drum solo we’ve heard in years.  Backed by the equally apt guitar jam in from James Sarlo this duo blows the crowd away! See the video in the Back Room of Branded Saloon for Rew’s anniversary show.  A definite see for anyone into metal, punk, hard core rock with the best of instrumentals!

Swon Rift >> CLICK HERE
Elliot Swift on Facebook
James Croft on Facebook

DRUMS: Elliot Swift,
GUITAR: James Sarlo

Branded Saloon >> CLICK HERE
603 Vanderbilt Ave. Brooklyn

Brett Smiley @ Mikes Saloon - NYC   ROCK and POP

Brett Smiley Legend in the world of Pop throughout the decades. Singer Songwriter, international star. Performs throught the NYC Area

Brett Smiley >> CLICK HERE

Mikes Saloon >> CLICK HERE
57 Murray St
(between Broadway & Church St)

Alan Merrill -  Singer/Songwriter - NYC -   ROCK and POP

Legendary Alan Merrill Singer Songwriter and international star. Performs throught the NYC and internationally. Many bands including Arrows, Vodka Collins, Guitarist Meatloaf and others. Writes rock classics such as I Love Rock n Roll, Automatic Pilot, Touch Too Much.

Alan Merrill >> CLICK HERE

Branded Saloon >> CLICK HERE
603 Vanderbilt Avenue
Val Kinzler & VALidation  - Rock

Brett Smiley  -  Pop / Rock

Alan Merrill  -  Pop / Rock

The  Cynz  -  Punk Rock
The CYNZ- Cyndi Dawson & Henry Seiz - NYC -   Punk Rock

Word rocker Cyndi Dawson with Singer Songwriter Henry Seiz make an unstoppable combination with their band The Cynz. Performs throughout the NYC and NJ area.

The Cynz >> CLICK HERE