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Jodie Levinson  & The Jodie Levinson Band
NYC Musician and Songwriter - Rock, Bluesy Soul with an edge
Plays several venues in  NYC region incl: Sidewalk, Mercury Lounge, Bitter End,
North Star (Westchester) 92YTribeca, and Lower East Side Club scene,
Ms Levinson, with her defined bold vocals reminiscent of Bonnie Tyler and outgoing stage presence captures a willing audience into her performance and moves them to their feet to dance with joy. We saw this at The North Star Inn when we had the utmost pleasure of experiencing her show. Backed up by three incredible talents on drums, guitar and bass; Chris, Vin and Bryan, along with Jodie's keyboard and lyrics, bring a full combination of rock and soul songs to the level of an A list band that could have been together for years, although they recently formed last winter.  A perfect mix of in sync talents to pack the house and shake it up with rousing applause.  Jodie is Produced by Lisa Ratner of Fastrax Production.
Go see this Band and see for yourself the Jodie Levinson Band

Jodie Levinson: CLICK HERE

For Jodies Music follow link on her FaceBook Page: CLICK HERE

Produced by Lisa Ratner, Fastrack Studios: CLICK HERE

North Star Restaurant, 85 Westchester Hwy, Pound Ridge New York: CLICK HERE

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Jodie Levinson  & The Jodie Levinson Band
NYC Musician and Songwriter - Rock, Bluesy folk with an edge

Singer/songwriter Jodie Levinson is a native of Jersey and has always excelled in the performing arts. Jodie gravitated towards singing early on in life and developed her vocal skills while becoming proficient on piano. She continued perfecting her talents through college, performing at several venues and eventually collaborating with Zack Schwartz on several songs, three of which are featured on her debut album “In the City.” She emerged mastering her craft and has since performed at such famous venues as the  The Cutting Room and The Bitter End Rock Club as well as numerous other east cpast Clubs and venues.

In 2009, Jodie met Producer Matt Pendergrast (song remixer for artists including Mary J. Blige, Britney Spears & Ciara). Together, they recorded Levinson’s first single, “Matter of Taste,” co-written with Zack and featuring him on guitar.  Soon after this professional relationship, Jodie began working with hit composer/producer Lisa Ratner (Barbra Streisand, Vanessa Williams & Dolly Parton) at her Westchester based studio, Fastrack Studios. The result was her debut CD  “In the City,” a full-length album of up-tempo blues-and-jazz influenced pop.  She auditioned musicians soon after and formed the incredible Jodie Levinson Band.

Along with her music gigs and recording sessions, Jodie loves working with children. She teaches voice and piano to students at Bank St. School of Education and The Dalton School in New York City.   In addition, Jodie also teaches private lessons to aspiring musicians. 

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Jodie and Band interview for StarLiner Events.
Jodie Levinson and her Band performs at the NorthStar in Westchester County
Jodie Levinson and her Band performing at the NorthStar in Westchester County
Vin Landolfi guitar,      Bryan Percivall bass                                          Lisa Ratner (producer, on keyboards)
         Jodie Levinson keyboards/vocals   Chris Infusino drums
Jodie's newest CD Release
- In The City -
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LAURA THOMAS and the Laura Thomas Band
Singer Songwriter Laura Thomas splits her time between Chi Town, LA and NYC. Laura was recently married to her musician husband Andy Dosmann in September 2011 and they often perform together.  Her style of rock inspired folk contemporary with  meaningful lyrics about NYC life, love and struggle for social justice to hope for a better society is both refreshing and real are reminiscent of a modern Joni Mitchell. Laura combines captivating melody and harmonys with her acustic guitar and combines with some of the best musicians in NYC on drums, bass, piano and electric. Her shows are always a must see.

Laura Thomas is an exceptional musician and great person with the voice of an angel that can sing a ballad to your heart or belt out Blues reminiscent of Janis Joplin! She started out in Alabama before making her way North to New York City.  Early influences in Classical music were with both her parents who were involved in the classical scene. Laura aquired a refined taste early on. Her strong spirit and exceptional talent saw her branching out  as she was influenced by Zepplin and intelligent rock with deep meaning. You can often find her and her band  at Rockwood, Sidewalk Cafe, Living Room and many other venues on the LES and thoughout Manhattan!

Follow the links below for more details, go to her gigs and buy her music and
go to her web site to find more on Laura Thomas, an exquisite musician!

Laura Thomas Web Site: CLICK HERE

For Laura's FaceBook Page: CLICK HERE

Laura's new book - Shadow Swans: CLICK HERE

Rockwood Music Hall - Manhattan, New York: CLICK HERE

Laura's interview after a show at  Rockwood
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Laura and Andy Dosmann play Sidewalk Cafe
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Jodie Levinson - Indie Rock

Laura Thomas  -  Rock & Folk

Linda Draper - Folk

Fred Gilan, Jr - Folk Rock
LAURA THOMAS Plays Rockwood Fall Show

Laura Thomas flies in from California to NYC several times per year.  October 2011 she played her show at the Rockwood Music Hall in the Lower east Side.  Pictures and videos follow to showcase this exceptional talent.  

Rockwood Music Hall - Manhattan, New York: CLICK HERE

Laura and Andy Dosmann play HEADLIGHTS
Laura sings Now You're Gone
Laura sings Play Me Something
Laura sings her award winning Right Now!
Laura sings One More Time
Laura at one of many Rockwood Shows
Linda Draper  Folk - anti Folk & Rock 
Singer Songwriter Linda Draper lives in Brooklyn NY and performs throughout the city of New York and around the state.  She sings with an incredible range and clarity and crystal clear voice that is so smooth and elegant to listen to.  Her music is distinct and blends the elements of the city with every day observations and break down the complexities of relationships, love and life. Linda's guitar playing matches her singing in its elegance and perfectly harmonizes with unique chord progressions combining both a strumming rhythm and plucked melody. Her shows are those that you will want to experience regularly. Linda Draper's label - Planting Seeds Records.

Follow links below for details on Linda and her upcoming shows, go to her gigs and buy her music!

Linda Draper Web Site: CLICK HERE

For Linda's FaceBook Page: CLICK HERE

Planting Seeds Records: CLICK HERE

Peekskill Coffee House, Peekskill, New York: CLICK HERE

Fred Gillen, Jr  Folk Rock 
Fred Gillen is a Singer Songwriter from upstate, NY who performs various New York venues and has performed throughout the country.  His songs are distinct with a tinge of Dylan and poetic verse to take you on his travels and experiences.  He combines ballads and an early folk sound with blues and a bit of rock to produce beautiful art. His voice is immediately powerful yet compassionate.  Fred utilizes both electric and acoustic guitars depending on the song and even stretches to the experimental beating on a sheet of copper and rapping through a megaphone for his 'Dinosaur bones by the Side of the Road'.  Mr. Gillen is an artist and musician that I look forward to experiencing again!  We saw him at Peekskill Coffee with Eric Puente on drums and it was exquisite!
See links below for details on Fred and his upcoming shows, experience is shows and buy his CDs!

Fred Gillen, Jr Web Site: CLICK HERE

For Fred's FaceBook Page: CLICK HERE

Peekskill Coffee House, Peekskill, New York: CLICK HERE

Linda performing at the Peekskill coffee house.
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More images of Linda Below        Fred Gillen Jr watches
           in the gallery                                 Linda Perform
Musicians Fred Gillen Jr - Linda Draper and Eric Puente Perform at the eclectic Peekskill Coffee House with its antique tin ceilings and artsy decor it is the perfect space for experiencing these incredible musicians
Eric Puente on Drums
Fred with his sheet of copper & megaphone
Fred performs his Devils Bluff 
Fred Gillen, Jr. sings CONEY ISLAND
Fred Gillen, Jr. rendition of Hallelujah
Fred Gillen, Jr. performs PLANE SHOT DOWN
Fred Gillen, Jr  February Show at Peekskill Coffee House  Fred Gillen, Jr Web Site: CLICK HERE

Peekskill Coffee House, Peekskill, New York: CLICK HERE

Fred Gillen, Jr. performs Shotgun
Aaron Nathans - Folk /Traditional

Michael Ronstadt  -  Classical & Folk

Marlene Centanni - Roots / Rock

Fred Gillen, Jr  CD Release Party - Verplanck NY

Fred Gillen, Jr Web Site: CLICK HERE

Verplanck School House, Verplanck, New York: CLICK HERE
6th  Street, Verplanck NY
Michael Ronstadt at Peekskill Coffee House 

Michael is an accomplished Cellist - singer/songwriter with a contemporary folk / Classical sound

Michael Ronstadt Web Site: CLICK HERE

Peekskill Coffee House, Peekskill, New York: CLICK HERE

Aaron Nathans - at Peekskill Coffee House

Aaron is an American singer song writer with a western folk style and elegant music sound

Aaron Nathan's Web Site: CLICK HERE

Peekskill Coffee House, Peekskill, New York: CLICK HERE

Marlene Centanni at Georgie's - Asbury Park New Jersey 

Marlene stepped in for Christine Martucci for a short break at Georgie's. Tucci played a solo set in Oct 2012 to a packed club at Georgires right after the zombie walk! Marlene can be seen throughout New Jersey and on the Jersey shore in several venues!

Marlene Centanni Web Site: CLICK HERE

Peekskill Coffee House, Peekskill, New York: CLICK HERE

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