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Luis 'LoudMouth' Camacho - Jazz  & Salsa Bands
CD Release Party at New Amsterdam Music Association, Harlem

CD Release Party at  Greek Orthodax Church, Clifton NJ

Jazz Reflections - SHRINE - Feb
Luis 'LoudMouth' Camacho  JAZZ AND SALSA INFLUENCED   

Luis Camacho fuses the rhythms of old Puerto Rico and Cuba into a modern Jazz collaboration with a distinctly unique sound that echoes more than a hint of Latin Heritage to produce melodies rich with culture and a distinct leading edge. He conducts two tight and distinct bands. First, a group of seasoned salsa musicians that includes Brass, Piano, Congas, Timbales and Bass to Back up Luis formidable vocals. Second, a Jazz quartet that is down with the sensual sounds and melodies of LoudMouth’s compositions that ranges from original numbers to Van Morrison to Classic Cole Porter and beyond.  Luis alternately vocalizes, blows his horn and conducts, bringing forth the superlative talents of each of his band members while graciously orchestrating each into a combined Jazz force of perfect synchronization. Occasionally guest musicians sit in to add to the rich flavor of the overall mix. This is one of the premier Jazz men of our time yet accessible and humble in his approach with the audience. It is not just the melody or instrumentation, but also the vocalization of the word Luis sings to embrace each member in the room with a sensual experience.

Starliner Events NayCee Villarta, no novice to Salsa/Jazz herself, interviews Loudmouth at his CD release concert at the New Amsterdam Music Association in Harlem 2011.
Guest Performers at this event also included: Superfunk of King Ktakei (Arthur Brown), Anthony Espinoza and Kenneth 'Shadow' Taylor. See our performance outtakes to come!


Buy Loudmouths Newest CD 'There is no in Between'

Indie Rock Jazz & Soul 4
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Check Back, video on NAMA soon to come!
Luis 'LoudMouth' Camacho  SALSA Band  &  JAZZ Band

Luis ‘LoudMouth Camacho (Horns, Voice) Lead
Sounds del Caribe:
Yeissonn Villamar (Piano)
Victor Molina (Conga)
Chris Reyes (Timbales)
Roberto Agron (Bass)

Jazz Reflections:
Yeissonn Villamar (Piano)
Darryl Smith (Drums)
Christopher Hall (Bass)

Guest Performers include: Superfunk of King Ktakei (Arthur Brown), Anthony Espinoza and Shadow  Taylor.

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Artist Interview with LoudMouth Camacho!
CD Release Party Intro Number with
'Sounds del Caribe' LoudMouth's Salsa Band!
CD Release Party  'Jazz Reflections' LoudMouth's Jazz Band,  plays  Moon Dance !
CD Release Party 'Me has echado al Olvido' with
'Sounds del Caribe' LoudMouth's Salsa Band!
CD Release Party  'Jazz Reflections' LoudMouth's Jazz Band,  plays  Mood for Love !
New Amsterdam Musical Association  HARLEM NEW YORK

Luis Camacho played his CD release party at the Historic New Amsterdam Musical Association NAMA at:
-107 W 130th Street to a packed house.  The NAMA is the last remaining of its kind that provided early 20th Century support to African American and Hispanic artists at a time when the established music associations refused to recognize artists that were not white

Starliner Events will be providing a historic look at this Association with a segmented mini documentary replete with outtakes of Loudmouths concert at NAMA.  Check back soon for this important addition to this page!

Luis 'LoudMouth' Camacho  CD Release Party II Clifton NJ 
with guest appearance by Jodie Levinson

Luis Camacho played his second CD release party for fans in Jersey to a packed house in an elegant setting of the performance hall in the Greek Orthodox Church, Clifton.  The show was opened by songwriter singer Jodie Levinson backed by Guitarist Vin Landolfi.  Her crystalline voice filled the hall with effervescence.  Then Loudmouth took the stage with his Salsa band and performed 7 + numbers including cuts off his new CD 'There is no In-between' the joy of the audience.  The last set brought on the Jazz band with a stand in on Moon Dance by the incomparable Kenneth Shadow Taylor!

Starliner Events NayCee Villarta, her Bo and Colleen were on hand to take in the festivities and thoroughly enjoyed the performances.  We thank this most gracias host for his music, his style and his hospitality!  Buy his CD on his web site linked below and go see his shows.!

Luis Loudmouth Camacho >> CLICK HERE 

Jodie Levinson profile: CLICK HERE

Shadow Taylor FB: CLICK HERE

Buy Loudmouths Newest CD 'There is no in Between'

La Evidencia - Salsa  Band
Salsa on the Square, BB Kings/Lucille's - Jan
Kenneth Shadow Taylor - Rock, Jazz, Funk
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Kenneth 'Shadow' Taylor  Guitarist, Musician HARLEM NEW YORK

Shadow Taylor, the legendary guitarist has played innumerable gigs in the NYC region for years. His Prince influenced riffs sustained with KISS inspired licks pull any group he is with into perfect collaboration. He has played both Loudmouth Camacho's recent CD release parties and his stage presence is immediately noticed and demanded yet will not take away from the leader or each of the other band members importance, just like the all important and defined 'shadow.  We chat with Shadow as he was gracious and enthused to provide us  a bit of his background and wisdom all things music

La Evidencia  Salsa on the Square at BB Kings Jazz Club - Lucille's 

La Evidencia, one of the premier Salsa bands in New York City has exploded on to the scene, revitalizing Salsa in NYC in what has been a long awaited and needed awakening from little to choose from over the past several years.  Lucille's was off the hook, reminiscent of the Salsa shows of the 80s and 90s at Palladium and      as a packed dance floor with couples engaged in the Hustle, tango and all manner of exquisite dance strutted their stuff.  Band leader Anthony Espinoza lead the band through two action packed sets with full horn, percussion and vocal sections intertwining the grace and vibrant sound that only salsa can deliver.  Starliner Events first group outing of the year experienced this show with some of our members, experienced salsa connoisseurs, Ekayani & Naycee tearing it up on the floor!..

Anthony Espinoza, Luis Loudmouth Camacho and other Jazz and Salsa greats were on hand including Ruben Lopez, William Rivera and A B to lend thier input on the band, the music and the night and took some time between sets to visit with us on the street on this beautiful night in Manhattan!
Watch the video and then check their FaceBook and go to their shows, a definite see time and again.  

La Evidencia FaceBook >> CLICK HERE 
Loudmouth and Jazz Reflections
Shadow Taylor Chats about his music
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January Starliner Event was at BB Kings to see
Orchestra La Evidencia.  

This table: Ekayani, Tym, Colleen, NayCee, Nick  &  Kara
La Evidencia Members interview in front of BB Kings Jazz Club.

Anthony Espinoza, Band Leader

  William Rivera, 
Luis 'LoudMouth' Camacho  The Shrine Harlem

Luis Camacho and his Jazz Band - Jazz Reflections played at the legendary jazz club, The Shrine, 2271 Adam Clayton Powell Blvd. Harlem in early February.  The band and Loudmouth did not disappoint and played 2 sets.
Luis uncle, who inspired Luis to pick up the trumpet at a young age was on hand to sit in a few numbers.

Luis Loudmouth Camacho >> CLICK HERE 

The Shrine: CLICK HERE

Buy Loudmouths Newest CD 'There is no in Between'

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Joe Cantor  Classic Folk / Smooth Bluesy folk -  Roots Cafe

Joe Cantor and Yoshiki Yamada played the eclectic Roots Cafe on one hot July night and filled the room with smooth flowing music.  Joe's plucking guitar riffs and Yoshiki's tight bass backups produced a rich sound to the packed room.  See Joe Cantor of Facebook and Reverbnation. Joe plays many venues around NYC and L.I.

See the videos from Roots Cafe and Branded Saloon coming soon!

Joe Cantor >> CLICK HERE

Yoshiki Yamada >> CLICK HERE

Roots Cafe >> CLICK HERE

Branded Saloon >> CLICK HERE
Joe Cantor & Yoshiki Yamada  Classic Folk
Roots Cafe - July Gig

Joe Sztabnik  - NY JUNK   -  Rock

Jeff Ward       - NY JUNK   -   Rock

Joe Sztabnik / Jeff Ward- Singer/Songwriters -NY Junk

Legendary NY Junk's Joe Sztabnik and Jeff Ward played an acoustic set at Puma Perl's Punk Pandimonium event at Bowery Electric in the Map Room

Joe Sztabnik / New York Junk>> CLICK HERE

Bowery Electric: CLICK HERE