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Beautiful Darling, the long awaited film on the life and times of Candy Darling has arrived! Jeremiah Newton's film documenting the life of Candy Darling premiered in Manhattan on April 22nd and was extended for many more showings at the IFC through May 2012.  You must go see this film.  It will be coming to your city if it is not already there.  Check local IFC listings and the Beautiful Darling Facebook site for details. We attended the Manhattan Premier and After Party at White Noise Bar in the Lower East Side. 
DVD Release is Pending December 2011 / January 2012
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RuPaul's DRAG Race finale was hosted at The Providence in Uptown on April 25 in Manhattan  and we were there for the festivities. It was crowded crazy and Bangin'. Naycee got to re connect with her long lost friend Raja, who as you all know won the competition. Pictures and More more from Naycee  and Kym WooHoo! Check back and Click this Link to see pics as we post them with Raja and other fabulous people.
Nay'Cee, Danielle and Colleen at White Noise Bar for Beautiful Darling After Party
Nay'Cee and Colleen & Producer Jeremiah Newton at White Noise Bar for his Beautiful Darling Movie After Party
Partygoers at Beautiful Darling After Party at White Noise Bar in the LES Manhattan w/ Producer Micheal Newman
Danielle with Producer and friend Jeremiah Newton at White Noise Bar for his Beautiful Darling Movie After Party
See My interview with Director and Writer James Rasin
Beautiful Darling:
A documentary film on the life and times of Movie Star Candy Darling Premiers at IFC in Manhattan NY and other national locations. You must go see this fantastic film!
CORINTH RELEASING in association with JJay Productions and Citi Productions Presents: Beautiful Darling; The life and times of Candy Darling, Andy Warhol Superstar.  Chloe Sevigny as the voice of Candy Darling; Addnl voices by Patton Oswalt./ Director of Photography Martina Radwan / Edited by Zac Stuart - Pointer / Exec Producers Michael J Newman & D.J Martin / Associate Producers Meg E Newman and Hillary McCutheon. Produced by Jeremiah Newton, Elizabeth Bentley and Gil Holland. Written and Directed by James Rasin  ---
Nay'Cee and friend Raja at Providence Bar
for for the Drag Race Finale Party.
Raja won this season and you can see why, Absolutely Beautiful!
Nay'Cee and her friends Raja and Kym at  the Drag Race After Party.
Nay'Cee and JuJuBee at  the Drag Race Finale Party.
RuPauls DRAG Race Show Finale. It was packed at Providence Bar with Nay'Cee squeezed in at the top left..LOL
Director James Rasin and Colleen at White Noise Bar for Beautiful Darling Movie After Party
Producer J Newton discusses his film & 2012 projects
A new play is being completed centered on Edie Sedgewick. We have an exclusive interview with the producer.  Patrice visited with us in the Bowery and gives us a taste of her play on Edie's life in Andy Warhol's Factory scene and contemplates 'what if' had Warhol's 24 hour movie with Edie taken place. Check back as her project is completed for updates. Interested in contributing to this important and thought provocing project or just want to know more?

Contact Patrice at:

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Beautiful Darling Movie
Ru Paul DRAG Race Finale Party
Edie Sedgwick Play - Patrice Miller Producer
Patrice Miller, Producer, discusses her project
Jackie Curtis - Playwright - Memorial
w Agosto Machado
Jackie Curtis Memorial Plaque Ceremony - Tompkins Sqr Park
Agosto Machado speaks on his friend, the late Actor and Palywright Jackie Curtis at the unvieling of the memorial plaque at the temparence Fountain in Tompkins Square Park, Lower East Side Manhattan NY.  Jackie Curtis, Warhol Superstar, was memorialized at Temperance Fountain in Tompkins Square Park by placement of stone plaque memorializing the Star! Jackie, known for performances in the Warhol movies of the 60s/70s is perhaps best known as a brilliant playwright and actor. A collaborator and accomplice to Candy Darling & Holly Woodlawn Jackie was a fixture in NYC night Life at Max’s Kansas City and around town before punk was punk and DRAG was in Jackie perfected the look and her own specific style.  Here Jackie’s friend Agosto Machado reminisces on Jackie and Jackies friends Jeremiah Newton and Penny Arcade pay their respects to this incredible talent gone too soon.
Agosto Machado speaks on his friend Jackie Curtis
Clayton Patterson, Photojournalist extraordinaire at the Jackie Curtis Plaque Ceremony
Jeremiah Newton & The Candy Darling Art Open - Clayton Gallery
Starliner Events Interviewed The Beautiful Darling film producer J Newton at the May showing of Candy Darlings art which featured diary pages, pencil drawings, painting and photography. Many are previewed in this video. Candy Darling, the late 1970's actress and Andy Warhol Muse art and diaries are at the Warhol Museum in Pittsburg PA.  These are additional works from Mr Newton's collection.  The Clayton Gallery and Outlaw Art Museum is a mainstay on 161 Essex Street in the LES.  More shows to follow on Candy Darling!
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Jeremiah Newton
Darian Darling
@ Candy Darling Art Open